Online Math Manipulatives

Online math manipulatives have saved me on more than one occasion. We have all been in this situation. The bell rings… you have everything ready for that math lesson… but you just need to borrow some (insert math manipulatives) from the teacher next door. But wait!! She teaches math at the same time as

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Why Routines are More Important Now than Ever

It’s late. I’m exhausted. But, I know that if I don’t keep myself distracted by something useful, like writing on my blog… I will go down a rabbit hole of social media coverage on the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been quiet on my blog. Life was busy. Like many people, I was hoping for

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The Benefits of Using Music in the Classroom

Music has a way of touching people much more profoundly than just words alone. The rhythm, melody and shared experience of singing together capture our brains and souls. Many teachers use music in the classroom as a technique to bring a fun, enjoyable element to their teaching. But, singing at school is much MORE

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