Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum: A Quick & Easy Solution

Before I delve into HOW to Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum, I thought I should talk about WHAT it is and WHY it’s so important. WHAT does it mean to “Spiral the Math Curriculum?” In a nutshell, to spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum simply means that you are  continually reviewing previously taught material versus teaching one

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20 Ways to Use Polaroids in the Classroom

Why use Polaroids in the classroom? I am a HUGE believer in using visuals when teaching. If you know me, you know that nearly EVERY single teaching resource I have ever created is packed with visuals. Pictures help students grasp difficult concepts with ease while making learning fun! If you have a Polaroid camera you

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A Halloween Themed Book Review

Guest post by Kim Miller from A Love of Teaching It’s the perfect week to get in some last minute writing activities. Halloween is coming up next week, and today I have the perfect writing assignment that will “spice” up any book review! You probably have that one lesson you teach every year at this

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