Coding Websites

Coding websites that will help you teach your students to code:

The new Ontario Math Curriculum comes with quite a few changes. Coding is one of the big ones. Many teachers are worried about how they will teach their students to code… but with all these amazing coding websites, I think we have very little to worry about. Here are a few coding websites you can add to your teacher toolkit!

The Code Mobile

  • This coding website offers in-person learning as well as online classes.
  • There is a wide range of free lesson plans on their website.

Kids Code Jeunesse

  • Canadian coding website that encourages children of all ages to code.
  • You can stream free content online.
  • In-person events are run by volunteers.
  • Students can experience hands-on learning in any place and at any pace!
  • Teachers can also learn to code so that they can support their students.

  • A coding website for all ages (K-12, including teachers 😉)
  • Learn how to code for free.
  • Offers a wide selection of coding games and tutorials.

Codeable Crafts

  • Students can bring their crafts to life.
  • This website is also available as an app on Android and Apple devices.
  • Allows students the ability to capture objects around them, run code, and use their objects in the stories they create. 
  • Develops computational thinking.

TVO Teach Ontario

  • Provides free activities for students to practice their coding and computer skills.
  • Various levels of difficulty make it easy to differentiate instruction.
  • Along with online activities, this site offers creative ways to practise coding skills offline (e.g., using dice games).

Minecraft Education Edition

  • Students create and build code in Minecraft in this “Education Edition”!
  • Encourages collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

Swift Playgrounds

  • This one is not a coding website, BUT it is worth taking note of. It is a free app for Apple users.
  • Uses games to teach students the basics of coding.
  • Engages students through the use of games.
  • Students have the ability to create, run, and test their codes.