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Online Math Manipulatives

Online math manipulatives have saved me on more than one occasion. We have all been in this situation. The bell rings… you have everything ready for that math lesson… but you just need to borrow some (insert math manipulatives) from the teacher next door. But wait!! She teaches math at the same time as

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Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum: A Quick & Easy Solution

Before I delve into HOW to Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum, I thought I should talk about WHAT it is and WHY it’s so important. WHAT does it mean to “Spiral the Math Curriculum?” In a nutshell, to spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum simply means that you are  continually reviewing previously taught material versus teaching one

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SPICE UP Your Math Vocabulary & SWEETEN UP Your Graphing!

Math Vocabulary Made Fun: Mmm… chocolate!! I. LOVE. CHOCOLATE! I seriously think I overdosed on treats this week!  The worst part of this confession? Each night after my boy went to bed…I would sneak into his bag of treats to get my sugar fix.  This is what a chocolate addiction does to a person.

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