Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum: A Quick & Easy Solution

Before I delve into HOW to Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum, I thought I should talk about WHAT it is and WHY it’s so important.

WHAT does it mean to “Spiral the Math Curriculum?”

In a nutshell, to spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum simply means that you are  continually reviewing previously taught material versus teaching one unit at a time.

Consistently reviewing strands allows students to tackle math with confidence because if they don’t master a skill the first time it is taught, they still get ample chances to practise their skills!!

WHY spiralling leads to robust learning:

Spiralling the Ontario Math Curriculum allows students to make connections between math concepts, which leads to robust learning. For instance, showing students how fractions relate to time (half past, a quarter to) and money (two quarters equals half a dollar) is an example of making connections between math concepts. BUT, it is difficult for students to make these connections if they learn about fractions, time, and money in isolation, just ONCE, and at separate times of the year. Spiralling allows students to see connections between math strands because strands are revisited throughout the year and (ideally) integrated to explicitly show connections. THIS leads to “sticky” learning.

Spiralling the curriculum is one of the many strategies being reinforced during professional development, which is great… but figuring out how to implement it is overwhelming! I think that an overwhelmed teacher is like a deer in headlights. We freeze. It’s hard to even consider the next step.

Well, I decided to do something about it, and created a solution that makes spiralling QUICK & EASY to implement!

How to Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum

Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum: A Quick & Easy Solution:

You might be wondering, “How do I fit spiralling into everything else I have to teach?” Or “What would this even look like in my classroom??” Don’t worry! My “Spiral Math Mats” which spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum, makes it completely do-able! It takes out ALL the STRESS of trying to figure out HOW to add spiralling into everything else you are trying to fit into your math program!!

HOW do Spiral Mats work?:
Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum

These mats were planned with the utmost attention to detail. So much so, I couldn’t fit all the great parts into just one image… Here’s a look at some more of the incredible features of each mat. About Spiral Math Mats

An Important Note:

These mats are intended to supplement all the great things happening in your classroom. A successful, well rounded math program includes a healthy dose of hands-on learning and rich tasks – just to name a couple of ‘best practices’. Focused SPIRAL REVIEW also plays a crucial part in helping students retain their learning! By using the Spiral Math Mats, you now have one less thing to worry about, while adding another effective strategy to your teacher toolkit!

Is it the only way to spiral? No. But it’s a great place to start!

Ways to use Spiral Math Mats in your classroom:

  1. Centers. I intentionally included pops of colour to the mats so you could feel good about laminating them and using them in centers! Just add manipulatives and done-zo!
  2. Homework. Tip: Just print in greyscaleThe answer key makes taking up homework a breeze!
  3. Morning Work / Bell Work: This is an easy way to squeeze spiralling into your day!
  4. Test Prep: Spiral Math Mats are perfect for review.
  5. Check-ins: Use the mats to determine what areas students are struggling in (assessment for learning).
  6. Parent Communication: Parents can, at a glance, see what curriculum expectations their child is working on, or areas that they might be struggling in. Such a simple way to keep them in the loop!

FREE DOWNLOAD (This freebie is currently being updated. Check back in a few days for the sign up form):

If you want to try spiralling  but are not sure where to start… begin by downloading  FREE Spiral Math Questions to try in your classroom!! This allows you take a closer look at how the mats were designed to help students become successful in math!

When you sign up, the Spiral Math Mats will be emailed to you automatically! (Note: be sure to check your junk mail!)


Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum

Want your ENTIRE YEAR planned out for you? Then you will want to check out the full year set of Spiral Math Mats! CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to get a set for your classroom!! 


spiral the ontario math curriculum

Need more convincing that spiralling the Ontario Math Curriculum is the way to go? Check out the first few minutes of the video below. I love the way she explains it!