Virtual Field Trips in Ontario

Virtual field trips

Check out this amazing list of  virtual field trips in Ontario… after all, it is “yours to discover” … despite what our current slogan changes are 😉 Many of these virtual field trips link really nicely to the Ontario curriculum. Examples: Understanding Life Systems; Understanding Structures and Mechanisms; Healthy Living… just to name a few!

1. Farm Foods 360 

Looking for a way to feed curious minds? This virtual access to Farm Foods gives you the perfect solution! Pick from 13 different types of farming… anywhere from dairy farms to apple orchards. Follow your food from the farm all the way to your kitchen table. Filled with loads of interesting facts and a 360º view of everything, this is one virtual field trip you won’t want to miss! 

2. The Toronto Zoo 

With so many different types of animals in this world how can you possibly see them all? Using Toronto Zoo’s  live videos, students will enjoy watching zookeepers interact with their favourite furry friends while expanding their understanding of life systems.

3. Virtual Field Trips through Geo Science 

Geo Science is the perfect online experience for all age groups! This website brings all of Ontario’s natural beauty to your fingertips! As you virtually follow maps of famous trails, click away at the icons to learn about history and fun facts! 

4. Bata Shoe Museum 

Explore the Kamiks of the Inuit or Moccasins of the First Nations through the “On Canadian Ground” exhibition. On this virtual field trip, students will learn about the history and cultural significance of a wide range of shoes.

5. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

In many cultures the butterfly is considered a symbol of good luck! These delicate creatures have one of the most amazing transformations in nature. Now students can experience it virtually through this exciting field trip. With virtual indoor tours and detailed information on every single butterfly found in the conservatory, this is sure to keep kiddos busy (and learning) for a while! 

6. The Bytown Museum 

This museum features one of Ottawa’s oldest stone wall buildings. Being in the country’s capital city, this three story building is packed full of stories and artifacts. Through this virtual field trip students can walk through the house and soak up all the history!

7. Hamilton Civic Museums 

The Hamilton Civic Museum offers an incredibly engaging and informative virtual tour! Students can experience scenic views with over 650 clickable hotspots that can be expanded to learn more. This virtual field trip is accompanied with an audio guide which provides all the historic information students need. 

8. CN Tower

With its fantastic earth cam, students can see a live view from the top of the CN tower at any time. They can view the spectacular light show, print off colouring sheets at home, and climb to the top of the tower to participate in a scavenger hunt! 

9. Ripley’s Believe it or Not 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not offers a unique experience for all different age groups! There are a variety of different educational tools and in depth videos on a wide range of topics. This virtual field trip is great for kiddos of all ages! 

10. Ripley’s Aquarium 

Most of Earth’s waters are still unexplored meaning there could be a variety of undiscovered animals living on our planet! Ripley’s Aquarium allows us to get a close-up experience of the amazing water life that lives among us! Along with the live in-depth videos, you can download at-home learning activities and crafts.

This next one is just for FUN! You could connect roller coasters to students’ understanding of structures, but when it comes down to it, this virtual field trip is all about escaping to a fun filled place (we can put curriculum to the side once in a while, right!?)

11. Canada’s Wonderland 

Skip the long lines and conquer all your fears! Now you can turn any place into a theme park. Canada’s Wonderland provides virtual videos taking you on your favourite rides. All the fun and trill …none of the hassle! 


Virtual field trips are a fun way to SPICE UP learning! I hope you and your students enjoyed exploring these fun places!