TIME Game 3 (half hour) Spot It & Click It™

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TIME Game 3 - Telling time to the HALF HOUR

Spot It & CLICK It™

This DIGITAL math game works in Google Forms!

  • The cards auto-shuffle! So it's a new game EVERY TIME!
  • Students can check their scores!
  • Teachers receive data showing students' results!

Ontario Curriculum connections:

Grade 1 Measurement

  • read analogue clocks, and use them to tell and write time to the half hour

This game can also be used in Grade 2 and Grade 3 as a review.

SPOT IT & CLICK It™ games can achieve the following:

    • Review concepts in a fun way! Since the games auto-shuffle the cards, students can play a NEW game EVERY time. This is great for students who need a lot of practise. They can get the review they need without getting bored ... and you don't need to plan something different each time!
    • Assessment for learning: You can analyze student responses and gather class data. Use this data to plan lessons around skills that need further explicit teaching.
    • Assessment of learning: Tests can make students feel overwhelmed or anxious. By presenting a quiz in game format, you now take away the stress and anxiety! The games score students' answers too, which also makes it low stress for you!!
    • Early finishers: This is a perfect activity for independent play.

How to play SPOT IT & CLICK It™ games:

1. Students will read the question card.

2. They must click the correct answer out of the 4 picture cards presented.

3. They must SPOT IT & CLICK IT!!

SPOT IT & CLICK IT™ games are a great way to engage the diverse learners in your classroom!

These games use the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Engaging visuals and interactive games make learning more accessible for students needing accommodations. The great thing is, these strategies help ALL STUDENTS succeed!! That's why it's a perfect fit for the diverse learners in your class!

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