Picture Thesaurus for Boring Words | Synonyms | Word Wall & Bulletin Board Set

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Students will expand their vocabulary with this interactive bulletin board/word wall display! You can rest easy knowing that you can keep the bulletin board display up all year long!!

Inspire students to replace overused words like ‘said’, ‘big’, ‘happy’. {Often referred to as tired words/ boring words/ dead words}

This resource is a FUN way to get students to expand their vocabulary and improve writing.

This resource includes:

♦ 700+ descriptive words to replace boring, ‘dead’ words

♦ “RIP Dead Words” bulletin board decor pack

♦ 20+ mini picture thesauruses that come in 3 print options (foldables, small cards, large cards)

♦ An interactive notebook

♦ Instructions on how to create a 3D tombstone

♦ Instructions on how to create a mini foldable book

♦ The synonyms within the book are grouped together based on meaning and the words are illustrated to show this.

♦ The splash of colour in each image helps students zero in on the part of the picture that highlights context.

♦ The illustrations not only serve to show students the meaning of a word, they serve to entertain and engage learners as well.

The story behind picture thesauruses

I created my picture thesauruses as a way to solve a problem I was having in my classroom. I wanted my students to be more descriptive in their writing, but the traditional resource used for finding better words - a thesaurus - was just not working! Students would arbitrarily select a word from the long list provided, and often, the word selected was used incorrectly (ie. not in the right context).

I began to wonder... how could I show my class that each word in a thesaurus has a slightly different meaning? If only there were visuals to help students SEE the subtle differences between synonyms, I thought.

So I began working on solving these problems... and presto, my mini “picture thesauruses” (yep, that’s a term I made up) were born. Kid-friendly! Fun! Interactive! Engaging! Easy to use!!! The ‘picture thesauruses’ are designed so that they can be differentiated quite easily. In older grades, these books are perfect for ELL's.

How these books are organized and why:

My bundle of mini books is based on THE 5 SENSES + EMOTIONS because I find that when students describe the look, smell, taste, sound or feel of an object, it just catapults their writing to a whole new level. Using precise vocabulary to describe emotions helps students add some 'voice' to their writing! If you want your students to expand their vocabulary and improve writing, this pack is for YOU!

BONUS: “SAID” is included in this set as well



There are several ways you can display the PictureThesauruses™. Put them on rings and hang them on magnetic hooks, push pins or onto a pegboard. OR Make your word wall even MORE engaging by creating a 3D interactive word wall using the “RIP Dead Words” decor pack!

Students can use these books for ANY type of writing activity: journal writing; poetry writing; creating brochures; birthday cards; writing short stories; creating restaurant menus or reviews...the list goes on!

What I LOVE MOST about this pack is that it can work with ANY grade you teach!! So, if you get moved to a higher or lower grade next year, this is the one resource that you won’t need to pack away!!!


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