Grade 2 Ontario Math | Spiral Math Mats | Full Year Pack

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This resource is for YOU if you:

1. Want to “Spiral” the Grade 2, Ontario Math Curriculum.

2. Want to see your students succeed in math.

3. Need a tool that helps you cover the Ontario Curriculum in a well mapped out way, so you’re not stressed about “fitting it all in”.

4. Need to make your life easier!! {Um, don’t we all!!!}

This bundle has 40 weeks of Spiral Math Mats (a total of 800 spiralling math questions) to help you spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum every week of the year.

This set includes:

1. 40 WEEKS of Spiral Math Mats, aligned with the Ontario Curriculum.

2. 800 questions that spiral through the entire school year.

2. Answer keys

3. Related materials {like hundreds chart, graphs, charts etc.}

4. Recording sheets for students

5. A layout that includes countless amazing features

Why you should use Spiral Math Mats:

Studies show that constant review of concepts {which is what spiralling achieves} is the BEST way to store new learning into long term memory. My Spiral Mats do this and so much more:


2. EVERY SINGLE QUESTION tells you THE EXACT CURRICULUM EXPECTATION it covers!!!! This is a great bonus because...

3. Your SCOPE & SEQUENCE for the entire year is done for you!

4. STRANDS ARE INTEGRATED as often as possible. So, if you're teaching skip counting in Number Sense, then the Patterning review will be on number patterns as well. Some weeks have more/less integration because other weeks the Spiral Mats focus on #5...

5. Students are PRIMED for what's about to come. This part is AMAZING because priming students...

6. MAXIMIZES INSTRUCTIONAL TIME!! You don't have to spend tons of time reviewing last year's material - it's already done via the Spiral Mats! So, when you're ready to focus on new learning, you can just dive right into it!

7. Perfect for ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING! The Spiral Mats offer a quick check-in of where your students are at with the foundations for each strand. This important information can help guide your instruction!

8. GROWTH MINDSET phrases are included on each Spiral Mat!! This should keep your kiddos motivated to keep trucking on!! There is such power in positive words of encouragement!

9. It makes spiralling super EASY TO IMPLEMENT!

10. There are TONS OF WAYS to use them

How to use the Spiral Math Mats:

  • Homework The answer key makes taking up homework a breeze!
  • Morning Work / Bell Work This is an easy way to squeeze spiralling into your day!
  • Check-ins or Test Prep Use the mats to determine what areas students are struggling in (assessment for learning).
  • Parent communication Parents can, at a glance, see what curriculum expectations their child is working on, or areas that they might be struggling in. Such a simple way to keep them in the loop!
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