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20 Ways to Use Polaroids in the Classroom

Why use Polaroids in the classroom? I am a HUGE believer in using visuals when teaching. If you know me, you know that nearly EVERY single teaching resource I have ever created is packed with visuals. Pictures help students grasp difficult concepts with ease while making learning fun! If you have a Polaroid camera you

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How to Use Raffles as a Powerful Classroom Management Strategy

Raffles as a Classroom Management Strategy Raffles! WHO doesn’t love being entered into a raffle? Using raffles as a classroom management strategy works so well..with any grade! The anticipation of winning something…anything… gets folks of ANY age excited! I have shared this strategy with many of my teacher friends but noticed that some were having

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How to Inspire Positive Character Attributes in Your Students

In Ontario, explicitly teaching positive character attributes (ie. Character Education) is a big focus in all schools.  Each month we have a Character Education assembly to recognize students who have demonstrated specific character traits in an exemplary way.  We focus on one of the following character traits:  1. Caring 2. Cooperative 3. Honest 4.

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