How To Create an Interactive 3D Word Wall Display

You know you’re a teacher when you get your best teaching ideas from the most random places. Recently, for me, it was the grocery store! The inspiration: a pack of mini cereal boxes. The idea: a 3-dimensional “RIP DEAD WORDS” word wall display! Talk about spicing up your word wall… AND students’ vocabulary… all at the same time.

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Using Popcorn to Teach About Volume

Guest blogger, Amy Mezni shares how she uses popcorn to teach about volume! What a fun way to SPICE UP a not-so-fun math topic! Popcorn Volume Are you looking for a fun but educational math activity?  Using popcorn to teach about volume is a hands-on lesson that compares the volume of different cylinders.  My

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20+ Tools To Improve Descriptive Writing

Hi there! I’m so excited to share that One Stop Teacher Shop recently asked me write a guest post on how I get my students to write descriptively!! Here’s an excerpt: HOW PICTURE THESAUR– USES HELP STUDENTS WRITE DESCRIPTIVELY:    1. To write descriptively, students need to include rich sensory details that paint a picture in the reader’s

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