Teaching Time with the "Magic Hour" trick

Teaching time with the “magic hour” trick is a fun way to spice up your time lessons, and squeeze in time review throughout the year! When I begin teaching time, I have my class decide on a “MAGIC HOUR”! Whenever the clock reaches our ‘magic hour’ we get up and spontaneously DANCE… no matter WHAT we are in the middle of! There’s a little singing we do too… something like “ohh ya, its 9 o’clock… oh ya!” as we poke our hands around and turn in a circle.

My students always LOVE this!! We pick a few times during the day like 9:00, 11:00 and 2:00 for instance (or half past or a quarter to – depending on what lesson we were on)… and WHOEVER notices the time at the EXACT hour (not a minute before or later) can get up and lead our mini dance party. They don’t have to put their hand up to tell me… they just get up and DANCE.. and everyone else follows! It is such a great way to get student’s paying attention to the clock… and seriously what student wouldn’t love the opportunity to get up in the middle of class to dance and be ‘disruptive’ without getting into trouble for it!! It also acts as a little brain break!!

Before I know it, I have students keeping track of the time for me!! I’m that teacher who often loses track of time while teaching (don’t we all?!)…but as soon as the kiddos get good at keeping an eye on the the clock, they become my very own personal assistants reminding me of when we have to get ready for gym class or computers etc.!

When you are done your time unit, you can sprinkle in “magic hour” every now and again, to help keep the concept fresh in students’ minds. For instance, every Friday, pick a “magic time” during the middle of the day when students could probably use a little break. It’s a fun way to review telling time throughout the year!

Time can be a tricky concept for young kids, but I truly believe if you make learning fun and interactive, any concept can be made a bit easier to grasp!!

If you want a fun game to SPICE UP the way you teach time… you can grab my TIME Spot It & Steal It game HERE ! You can also read about it HERE.



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