The Benefits of Using Music in the Classroom

Music has a way of touching people much more profoundly than just words alone. The rhythm, melody and shared experience of singing together capture our brains and souls. Many teachers use music in the classroom as a technique to bring a fun, enjoyable element to their teaching. But, singing at school is much MORE

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Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum: A Quick & Easy Solution

Before I delve into HOW to Spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum, I thought I should talk about WHAT it is and WHY it’s so important. WHAT does it mean to “Spiral the Math Curriculum?” In a nutshell, to spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum simply means that you are  continually reviewing previously taught material versus teaching one

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20 Ways to Use Polaroids in the Classroom

Why use Polaroids in the classroom? I am a HUGE believer in using visuals when teaching. If you know me, you know that nearly EVERY single teaching resource I have ever created is packed with visuals. Pictures help students grasp difficult concepts with ease while making learning fun! If you have a Polaroid camera you

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A Halloween Themed Book Review

Guest post by Kim Miller from A Love of Teaching It’s the perfect week to get in some last minute writing activities. Halloween is coming up next week, and today I have the perfect writing assignment that will “spice” up any book review! You probably have that one lesson you teach every year at this

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How To Create an Interactive 3D Word Wall Display

You know you’re a teacher when you get your best teaching ideas from the most random places. Recently, for me, it was the grocery store! The inspiration: a pack of mini cereal boxes. The idea: a 3-dimensional “RIP DEAD WORDS” word wall display! Talk about spicing up your word wall… AND students’ vocabulary… all at the same time.

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